Explore Blakeney and Unwind in a Peaceful Setting

If you’re staying in Blakeney, you’ll find lots to see and do. Take some time out from a busy day of exploring to spot the birdlife at Blakeney Duck Pond.Blakeney Duck Pond

The pond is fed by three natural springs and is home to at least 43 pairs of captive-bred ducks and geese.

The pond was once used as a watering hole for horses but became disused over time. In 1977, Blakeney & District Wildfowlers Association (B&DWA) repurposed the site as a conservation duck pond.

In December 2013, a tidal surge hit the North Norfolk coastline, leaving the pond four feet under water. With funding from The Parish Council and donations, B&DWA took the pond back to its former glory in 2014.

A Local Treasure

Hilary Glossop from Blakeney Blakeney Duck Pond volunteersis one of three volunteer managers who maintain the pond. With volunteer help, the pond is a top attraction for visitors to Blakeney.

Blakeney Duck Pond is a place to sit on the benches, have an ice cream or picnic and see unusual birds close up. It’s a pleasant w ay to spend half an hour after a walk along the coastal path or around Blakeney.

“The birds include eider, smew, teal, pintail, mandarin, carolina, rosy billed pochard, crested pochard, barnacle geese, Hawaiian geese, ross’s snow geese and many more!

“The pond is suitable for all. The ducks are captive bred so you can get very close – they’re not as shy as wild ones. Some will even eat from your hand!”

Conservation efforts are undertaken by the volunteers, who feed and look after the birds. Eggs are incubated to keep them safe. To incorporate a variety of birdlife, different species are added to the pond each year.

The local community also offers help, with supporters and businesses sponsoring the pond annually. Ducks can also be adopted as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and to remember loved ones.

A Visitor’s Perspective

Barrie LawrenceBarrie Lawrence, 72, from Frettenham, near Norwich, visits Blakeney regularly with his wife. He often stops by the duck pond to take photographs and enjoy the stunning sights. He says that the pond has a timeless quality, as it’s always an interesting place to visit.Visitors at Blakeney Duck Pond

“Blakeney Duck Pond is always alive with ducks. I know little about ducks, but there’s certainly a variety of sizes and colours, plus a few gulls, geese and others. Ducks swimming, quacking, and feeding entertain those taking photographs or simply pausing to gaze.”

Located next to the quay, the pond is the perfect place to unwind. Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher or simply looking for the perfect picnic spot, it offers something for everyone.

“Families with children enjoy the pond. It’s ideal for twitchers, couples, hikers and almost anyone passing it. If you go to Blakeney, you have to visit the duck pond! The duck pond is iconic to Blakeney.”

Additional Information

Blakeney Duck PondPostcards and stickers of the pond are available to purchase from The Anchor Shop in the High Street. Duck food is for sale in The Deli in High Street and Westons Fish Shop in Westgate Street. In the summer, it’s available from High Tide Refreshments on the Carnser Car Park.

If you would like to learn more about the pond’s history or future projects, visit the website or Facebook page.

Blakeney Duck Pond is near the Carnser Car Park, on the Quay. It is just a minute’s walk from The Blakeney Cottage Company HQ.

Map of Blakeney Duck Pond