Take a Step Back in Time and Discover Sheringham’s History

The beautiful fishing town of Sheringham, North Norfolk, is rich in history, and there’s no better place to embrace it than at The Mo, Sheringham Museum.

This wonderful museum sits right on the seafront, which couldn’t be a more fitting location. The museum tells the story of Sheringham’s past, with its main exhibition focusing on the town’s fishing culture. There’s an impressive collection of lifeboats, fishing boats and artefacts, which help to paint a picture of the town’s history.

Happy Visitors

Lynsey - a recent visitor

Pictured above: Lynsey

The Mo has attracted many happy visitors since its opening in 2010. A recent visitor, Lynsey from Clacton-on-Sea, thought The Mo was a great museum. She enjoyed the different exhibits, including the boats, shops, knitting and wind farm information.

“I liked The Mo because it was light, airy and interesting – such a different type of museum.”

Catherine - a recent visitor

Pictured above: Catherine and her daughter

Another recent visitor, Catherine Rodgie, 33, from Northamptonshire visited the museum with her husband and child. She found that the wide variety of exhibitions ensured there was something for the whole family to enjoy.

“There’s lots to read, and some of the exhibits include videos. There are also computers available so you can look up your family history during the war.

“The exhibition shows the effect the war had on the local area, including bombing raids. The street is laid out as if in war times, and there are stories of some of the men who fought.

“The underwater photography exhibition was the highlight of our trip, as the photos were excellent and brilliantly colourful – my daughter found it mind-boggling.”

A Norfolk Local’s Much Awaited Visit


Pictured above: Christine Silver

Christine Silver, 51, from Great Yarmouth, decided to go to the museum while visiting Sheringham for the day with friends. After seeing the museum on a television programme, she was keen to learn about the history of this seaside town.

“We’d never been to The Mo museum, but it was on our list of things to do. It’s fairly new, so we were curious to find out what it was like, and what was on display.”

The Exhibits

There’s a variety of exhibits on display at The Mo; some change each year, so there’s always something new to see.

The ground floor gallery is home to a boat collection which tells the story of how the fishing village moulded the future of Sheringham.


Pictured above: The lifeboat exhibit

“There’s a lovely collection of lifeboats that show the way technology has improved throughout the years; starting with the basic rowing boat, up to the technologically advanced boats used today.

“The lifeboat display shows how dangerous it was for the men to go out and rescue stricken boats and people. It also shows how brave those men were, and how modern power boats make their job a lot easier today.”

Over the summer there was a WW1 knitting exhibition, which displays garments that were made during that period.

“The summer 2016 exhibition was called ‘Stitches in Time’ and it was about the knitting campaign of the First World War. There was a national campaign to encourage anyone who could knit to make items that were needed for the troops, like balaclavas, gloves, socks and bandages.


Pictured above: The lifeboat exhibit

“This exhibit was the highlight of my visit, as I love knitting. I loved seeing all the garments that were knitted during the war. The film footage being played was extremely enjoyable, and we took some time to sit and watch it. I’d never seen a knitted bandage before and found this 100-year-old survivor fascinating.

“The exhibits are well labelled with a wealth of information which gives the visitor in-depth details on the subject. The exhibit about how Sheringham grew from a tiny fishing village to what you see today was very interesting and detailed.”

Whether you’re on a family outing or you’re just interested in the local history, there’s something for everyone at The Mo.

“The museum is family-friendly, as there are so many interesting things to see that appeal to all age groups. I think children would love to see the boats and model aeroplanes.”

The Experience

The Mo is an independent museum and is run mostly by volunteers. These volunteers are passionate about local history and provide visitors with a great experience.


Pictured above: The view from The Mo

“The staff were very friendly and helpful. The lady who welcomed us told us that the museum was varied and a bit quirky – which I loved as it makes it sound so interesting!”

Christine thoroughly enjoyed her trip to the museum and would recommend it to other visitors to the local area.

“The overall experience of my visit to The Mo was one of real joy. The whole museum was well thought out and informative. It’s a museum which comes to life through the exhibits.

“I would recommend The Mo to people who are visiting the area, and I would rate it in the top ten places to visit when in North Norfolk. This museum has got to be one of the best local town museums I have ever visited. Well done to The Mo – a museum that has got it right!”

Price and Location

An adult ticket is £3.70, a concession is £3.20, a child ticket is £2 and under-fives can enter for free.

Once you reach Sheringham, the museum is easy to find. It’s accessible by walking to the end of the High Street until you get to the seafront.

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday between 10 am and 4.30 pm, and on Sundays from 12pm-4pm.

It’s also only a short drive from The Blakeney Cottage Company HQ.